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Fact-checking sites

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Research season has begun!

Here are some sites that you can use to check the accuracy of those things you find in the news. Happy fact-checking!

  •  These ad-free, nonpartisan articles address current political issues. But watch out! The articles aren't written for kids, and the site gets really in depth! But they're really clear about the truth (or falsehood) of what people are saying. Use it when: You need an in-depth article related to American politics.
  •   The Truth-O-Meter gives a quick look at the truth (or falsehood) of claims from politicians and media outlets. The scale goes from True to Pants-on-Fire, with the option to read more. Use it when you need a quick look at a claim or story. 
  •   This popular fact-checking site is all about internet rumors. From so-called urban legends all the way to politics and news, there's a lot here! Be sure to stay focused and don't get distracted.  Use it when: You find a myth, meme, or anything else questionable on the web.